Brazilian keratin-treatment

Keratine behandeling

Curly Brazilian keratin treatment for shiny hair after blowout!

Do you also dream about silky hair without curly hair? Than a brazilian keratin treatment is really something for your curly hair!

What does a brazilian keratine treatment means?

First you wash your curly hair and then blow it out. Then you treat it with the brazilian keratin product and let it pull in for 30 – 45 minutes. Once thats done you style your hair and fohn it.

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You will see direct how shiny and healthy it looks!

Now you may not make it wet for the next 3 days, stay out of rain and it will stay straight for 4 months.

Then you may only wash it with our special shampoo and conditioner.

Now you will see that the curls stay away for 4 to 5 months!

This product is the invention of the year for womens with curly hair!

Evelyn; Puerto Rico
My curly hair caused me to miss a lot of precious time with my family; I didn’t participate in any activities in the water just to avoid having my hair getting wet, I was not able to manage my it. It used to take me 3 to 4 hours in order to get my hair ready.
I made the decision to have a keratin treatment done for the summer and the application process went surprisingly fast, I didn’t experience any discomfort or strong smells and I didn’t have to go back to the salon after 3 days. The process was “user friendly”, ‘a piece of cake”.

This is the first time I have a keratin treatment applied to my hair. I didn’t have any experience with other brands, except hearing from my mom who used to get keratin treatments applied in Puerto Rico. She told me she had to wait 3 days before she could do anything to her hair until the whole process was finished. I also went to a Hair Salon where they were applying another brand of keratin and the smell was too strong.

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After Keralove I feel like as if I had started a new life, free of complexes. I feel free to do any activity in the water without being afraid to what it would do to my hair. I am very excited. My husband wants to touch my hair now. He considers it sexy ,unlike before when he used to avoid touching it at all cost. I also received a lot of compliments at Church on Sunday, they kept telling me my hair looks shinny and healthy. Love it! It is a miracle for me.

Thank you for this product. It changed my life.

So you see a brazilian keratin treatment is really something for every women with curls!

Imagine how your world will change

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